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We’ve been making our clients happy for over 35 years!

We care about our customers' shoes like it's our own, that is why we put our hearts and time to make sure every customer gets the service they deserve.

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We're Responsible

Your shoes are in good hands with us.

We're Punctual

We pride ourselves on punctuality.

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We put our hearts and time in every new project.

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Customer service is key in our business.


Shoe Repair

For Men and Women

  • Heels (leather or rubber)
  • Half-sole (leather or rubber)
  • Full-sole (ask us for Vibram soles)
  • Sole Guard
  • Heel and toe savers
  • Back Lining
  • Fix/replace zipper (for boots)
  • Stretch (men/women shoes and boots)
  • New insoles
  • Stitching shoes and boots
  • Reattach heel
  • Replace leather around the heel

Other Shoe Services

  • Reconditioning
  • Regular polish
  • Winterizing (to prevent leather from cracking in cold)

We can dye almost any shoes, handbags and any kind of leather to whatever color you like. (Depending on the color of the leather) We have a color brochure that you can look at and decide what color you would like to dye.

Washing & Cleaning
  • Shoe wash/clean (Uggs, suede shoes)
  • Cleaning/washing handbags (Suede and leather)
Stitching & Sewing

We can stitch/sew almost anything that needs stitching, from shoes to jackets, handbags, purses and luggage. We can also stitch zipper teeth back to its place.

Zipper Repair

We can repair/replace any kind of zipper, jacket, boots, handbags and more.

  • Shortening pants
  • Shortening belts
  • Adding belt holes
  • Shortening straps for handbags/purses
Watch Repair
  • Band Repair
  • Band shortening
  • Battery replacement
Glass Repair
  • Nose pads replacement
  • Temples reattachment
Key Cutting
  • House keys
  • Car keys (we cannot cut car keys that requires a code)


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